THE INCREDIBLE HULK : The man who turns green with anger is back and he is as usual big, yes I'm talking about the " The Incredible Hulk" . The actor is replaced and the new HULK is Ed Horten as Hulk after ego scientist Bruce Banner. The movie opens as Bruce Banner (Edward Norton)a fugitive on the run who is living in Brazil, hiding from who he is, and trying to find a cure. This time around the cure for Hulk has been found but the opportunists who dreams of abusing his power won't leave him alone. While he still pursuing the women of his dream Betty Ross. At the time HULK has the chance to be the big hero to by saving the New York. But every glory comes with a price. He has decided between peaceful life or be Hulk hero.

When i was watching this movie, I was hoping for a better Hulk movie. I like Ange Lee's Hulk better. I used to think that there was something missing ... something strangely odd about Ange Lee's version. I used to think that there was not enough action. But now that I've re-watched it, I figured what was bothering me in Lee's Hulk. The problem is with that Betty Ross character. She comes across as being heartless. Apart from that, Ange Lee's Hulk is a masterpiece.